6 things every student needs to know

September 13, 2018

You’ve been back to school now for a few days and the excitement of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and finding your way around have started to wear off. Now that student life is back in full swing, here are a few handy cyber tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t overshare. This includes a lot of things. Don’t share personal info online where just anyone could find it. Don’t post your schedule on Insta or Snapchat. Don’t be that meme of the person who posted a pic of their first credit card on Twitter, and then shared their CVV number in a comment. Don’t post pics of that crazy frosh night event. Save them for the reunion.

  2. Make sure your passwords are strong and unique, at least eight characters long; better yet, use passphrases, and don’t use the same password for every account. If you’ve shared passwords with friends, now would be a good time to change them (the passwords, not the friends).

  3. Use official app stores to download apps and files. Malware and viruses can sneak onto devices by way of innocent looking app, ebook, or other media files. Follow the crowds: the more people who downloaded an app, the likelier it is that it’s legit.

  4. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t get someone else to write your papers. There are plenty of sites to help teachers detect plagiarism. Cite your sources (newsflash: Wikipedia shouldn’t be one of them)!

  5. When using dating apps, don’t get catfished. Make sure the other person is who they say they are. And when you meet up, meet in a public place.

  6. When using ride sharing programs like Uber or Lyft, public transit, or even just walking home late, send a friend or family member a text to let them know when you’ve arrived safely. There are a number of apps designed to help you get home safely.

Get Cyber Safe wishes you all the best in the new academic year! Study hard, play hard, and don’t forget to call your mom.

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I "overshare" by the definition you gave and haven't found any trouble over the internet. People online know tons of information about me and it doesn't bother me. People constantly say the internet is where you shouldn't tell anyone anything but that isn't the case.


Ultimately it is your decision what you choose to share, but be aware that unscrupulous people could use some of that information to try to steal your identity.

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