A #cybersafebusiness strategy for the Internet of Things

November 27, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes cyber security more complex, IT management more important, and the consequences of possible cyber incidents more detrimental. Therefore, implementing the IoT into your business requires a step-by-step security plan. This 5-step strategy covers the essentials of securing the IoT.

  1. Assess risks
    With the IoT, cyber incidents can come from new and unexpected places. IoT should be part of your overall risk profile. When you conduct a risk assessment, consider how IoT devices will interact with each other. What's on your network, and who's connected? From where do people and devices connect to your network? Identify any vulnerabilities in your security and communications protocols.
  2. Identify new legal issues
    Introducing the IoT into your business operations presents possible legal issues and concerns. You should be aware of your company's legal responsibilities in both the physical and virtual worlds. To better understand your legal obligations and concerns, consider seeking legal counsel.
  3. Develop IoT policy
    Your IoT policy should align with your existing cyber security and business policies. Management and IT should work together to make IoT deployment a cross-business, multi-level responsibility. Your employees have a part to play as well, so provide them with training. Download our #IoTatWork employee training presentation (PPT 7.1 MB).
  4. Implement security measures
    IoT security happens before, during, and after implementation into your business. Check out our checklist of IoT security tips and download our #IoTatWork Toolkit for the full strategy at GetCyberSafe.ca
  5. Monitor and update
    Decide who will oversee the IoT, and how much and how often management will provide oversight. Putting automatic auditing tools in place can help you monitor, measure, detect and correct IoT security problems as they happen (in the absence of automation, monitor manually).

With more and more connected devices in the workplace come more points of potential vulnerability and risk. Repeat these security steps frequently to maintain a #CyberSafeBusiness. For more resources, download the #IoTatWork Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses (PDF 608 KB).

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