Mo’s #OnlineShopping101: Lessons on secure back-to-school shopping

August 28, 2017

School’s in session, and it’s time to get the freshest clothes, the latest tech and much more! Shopping online can save you time and money, but only if you have all the facts to protect yourself from costly cyber attacks.

Mo’s #OnlineShopping101 is a crash course on secure back-to-school shopping. Learn from Mo with these 10 tips:

1. Buy only from sites you know and trust Mo (mobile phone character) standing behind generic website with checkmark

2. Look for “HTTPS://” and a lock icon in the URL Mo looking through binoculars at HTTPS URL bar

3. Read customer reviews and return and shipping details Mo looking at online reviews

4. Pay by credit card when possible (rather than debit/e-transfer) Mo holding up credit card

5. Screenshot and/or save all your confirmations and receipts Mo holding very full file folder

6. Review credit card statements for unexpected charges Mo, wearing glasses, looking carefully at document

7. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to shop online Mo carrying shopping bags, with secure Wi-Fi symbol above

8. Use strong, unique passwords for every site Mo and two strong-looking asterisks flexing biceps

9. Never remember or auto-fill your credit card or mailing information Mo looking at username bar with Mo? autofill request

10. Keep your device OS, antivirus, and firewall up-to-date Mo sliding on update symbol (two arrows going around in a circle)

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