Leaving Town for March Break? Don’t Forget to Review your ‘Tech-list’.

March 8, 2017

March Break is upon us and you are leaving town for a well-deserved vacation. The excitement in your household is growing as you finalize plans to visit theme parks, beaches, restaurants, shows, and other hot tourist attractions. The suitcases have been dug out of storage, passports are up-to-date, the pet sitter booked, and your device security is all taken care of. You’re ready to go!

Wait, what? Device security?

Absolutely! Think about the number of internet or blue-tooth enabled devices you might be taking with you: smart phone, tablet/e-reader, laptop, wearables (e.g. watches, fitness trackers), portable gaming devices, digital cameras. Now think about all the information (personal, business) stored on, or connected to, those devices. How would you or your family be affected if one or more of those devices was hacked or stolen? What could be compromised or lost…photos, videos, personal information, financial information?

It’s not to say that you should leave all your devices at home, but if you can’t bear to be without them then you’ve got some prep work to do before you hit the road.

Pre-Trip ‘Tech-list’

On the Road

One More Thing
If you have children who are active online (social media, gaming) it’s important to review these tips with them, too. Explain why it’s important and encourage them to come to you for advice if they’re not sure about something. It’s as much about keeping your family safe as it is about keeping your devices safe.

NOW you’re ready to go! Here’s to a fabulous vacation. Brag about it when you’re home safe and sound, and don’t forget to back up your devices when you return so you don’t lose those precious vacation memories!

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