Planning for employee departure in a #CyberSafeBusiness

March 22, 2016

Whether an employee leaves your business due to retirement, transfer, or termination, their departure could leave the door open to hackers and fraud. All businesses should plan ahead for employee departures.

When employees leave, unused accounts or passwords can be used by hackers (or even ex-employees) to access business data, finances, or personal information. Passwords can also be used to damage a business’s reputation by posting fraudulently on their website or social media accounts.

Most of these threats can be avoided entirely by planning ahead. Being prepared for the unexpected is just good policy!

The key is to keep track of everything the employee has access to, online or on internal networks. Every password or permission granted should be documented, so access can be changed on short notice.

When an employee leaves your organization:

If an employee is laid off or fired, ensure they are continuously escorted on their way out of the workplace. Prevent them from accessing business computers, and collect all company property such as laptops, keys, and access badges.

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