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February 2, 2016

We have passwords for everything; to access our personal or work devices, signing in to social media accounts and paying our bills. It can be overwhelming at times to remember every password  or to create a new one. It can also be very tempting to use the same password for everything, so we don’t trigger the “Forgot your password?” message and have to start the process all over again! 

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Even though having the same password for many accounts seems like a good idea, it should be avoided. Think of it this way, your passwords are the only thing standing between you and your personal information and online risks. If one password gets stolen, a cyber criminal can have access to even more. They will be able to easily log into all your devices and accounts, change your password and lock you out. Using the same password over and over can put you at risk.

Instead of using the same password for everything, make each one different and use symbols and numbers to make them strong and secure.  One way to do that is by having a common thread between your passwords so they are different, but linked in some way. This will make it easier for you to remember them all.  For example, your passwords can be based on a common event or theme—your favorite book, trip or a moment of significance in your life. Just make sure they are all different from one another and that they all include a mix of special characters, letters and numbers.

By taking control of your passwords, you will be making them easier to remember, protecting yourself and minimizing the impact if one of your accounts or devices is compromised — keeping your information safe.

Consult our password tips for more information on how to create strong passwords.

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