Love it? Lock it!

March 17, 2014

Your whole life is on your mobile phone. That's why you lock it. Right?

Does your phone hold things you couldn't live without?

And does it have a lock screen on it?

If you lose your phone, think of what else you could lose—personal photos, contact lists, online banking information and even credit card numbers. And if your phone was unlocked, imagine all that information in the hands of a stranger.

Love it? Lock it!

Whether you organize your entire life on your phone or only use it occasionally, lock it! If you lose your phone, the information stored on it is exposed to whoever finds it. Just think—they can look through your photos, read your private messages, browse your Internet history and could even make calls pretending to be you. Any apps you use that remember passwords for you (such as online shopping or banking sites) give the finder easy access to your accounts. In the hands of someone with malicious intent, this could lead to identity theft and fraud. Seems like a lot to lose when such a simple action can help prevent it.

So, if you love your phone, lock it!

Keep in mind that cybercriminals don't have to be holding your phone to attack it with viruses, malware, and other fraudulent attempts to get at your personal and financial information. Here are some other safety tips every phone user needs to know, and act on.

Locking your phone is the first easy step in protecting you and your personal information. So, when it comes to your phone, if you love it, lock it!

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Most of my personal stuff is on the external sd card, so even if I lock the phone all anyone has to do is pop out the card and stick it in any card reader.

Harinder S.M.

Always a good idea to install "Device Manager" & or avast mobile security from play store. These apps have capability to lock out the phone if lost or stolen, from any laptop or PC.

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