Safer Internet Day 2014 – It's time to create a better, safer Internet

February 11, 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day! With all the advantages the Internet can offer, we're spending more and more time online—so it only makes sense to make the Internet a safer, more positive place. The goal of Safer Internet Day is to promote the safe and responsible use of online and mobile devices, and this year's theme is Let's create a better Internet.

So… how do we create a better Internet?

Well…  ‘in real life' environments we stay safe by being aware of our surroundings and monitoring our behaviour towards others. The same applies online.

You can also help make the Internet better by spreading the word to the teens in your life with two new publications in the GetCyberSafe Resources section.

To mark Safer Internet Day, we have joined Facebook, one of the companies collaborating with GetCyberSafe, and MediaSmarts to bring you this “Think Before You Share” guide and poster. Print them for your class, share them at school.  The guide is a quick and easy read for teens, parents, and teachers – and highlights some common sense reminders about sharing things online and being safe about it.

We all enjoy the benefits of the Internet. So why not make it better?

To learn more about how you can help create a safer Internet, visit:

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