Stop Hating Online: Cyberbullying in Canada and the Role We Can Play

January 9, 2014

You may have heard about serious cases of cyberbullying in the news. You may have heard about this happening to a child in your community, or maybe your own child has been involved. A large number of kids are being hurt by cyberbullying. It's happening enough that, as a country, we need to do more about it.

That is why we have launched Stop Hating Online, a new cyberbullying public awareness campaign. Our goal is to start a national conversation about the impacts of cyberbullying, to give parents and teens the tools to stop it.

Get Cyber Safe now has comprehensive information on cyberbullying for both teens and the adults in their lives, on everything from recognizing the warning signs, to step-by-step instructions for dealing with it, to ways to encourage bystanders to stand up to cyberbullying. 

Follow the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter channels, and watch for the TV ads. We all need to help to #StopHatingOnline! One child hurting is one too many.

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Let's be what Canada stands for. A diverse friendly accepting Country. Let's come together and show the world who we are. CANADA, PASS IT ON


love one another.


Raise awareness and tear down the walls. No more hiding behind handles. No more hateful anonymous comments. Increase penalties!

Patty L.

Our schools play a huge part in cyber bullying. Students in high schools now have full access to the internet, although some do not abuse this and use it for learning purposes others simply do not. Having access to the internet allows bullies to post immediate pictures and or comments of their victims. Teach our children with BOOKS not the internet. In addition BAN CELL PHONES IN OUR CLASS ROOMS!!!!!!!!!

John H.

While I'm not knocking this much needed movement now to curb cyberbullying, where was the assistance when I was an adolescent enduring the real physical type bullying? Today, when for the most part it's 'virtual' bullying, it's a big deal, but I had to endure or 'check out' and was told to 'man-up' whenever I spoke of it.

David S.

The act that appears to be depicted in this public service message - teens sharing pictures of one of their friends - is not in itself a "hateful act". It may be insensitive, inappropriate, and even embarrassing (for the person in the picture), but it is being done in the spirit of fun (based on the looks on the faces of the teens receiving and passing along these pictures). So in this case, it appears to be a matter of privacy, perhaps a breaking of trust, and maybe inappropriate exposure of a minor. But it's not a "hate crime". It does not even appear to be a case of "cyberbullying". We need to deal with these situations at the appropriate level - e.g., counselling before arrests and laying of criminal charges. If our Government wishes to show on-line hate crimes or cyberbullying, they should create a better, on-topic broadcast message. These are important subjects. Let's get make sure the right messages are delivered.


Why doesn't the government get "The Dirty" shut down for Canada of its so concerned with cyber bullying. That site is the epitome of cyber bullying and has ruined countless lives. It has driven people to suicide, people have lost their jobs, relationships and more.


Cyber bulling is a outrageous way of communicating or its a cowards way. People are using this way of communicating because they don't want to do it face to face. And the worst part of it is that they don't care if they ruin or if someone takes their life over it. We live in a very sick world.


My grand daughter was bullied continuously when she moved to a new school. Her Principal even saw a gang of girls abusing her. Nothing was done. After a year of such abuse she found herself in a situation where it was just her and the leader of the bullies alone. She fought back against this girl who ran to the school principal. The police were called and she was arrested My granddaughter now has a criminal record for bullying. Where is the justice system when you can not defend yourself

Caroline S.

Advertise this is maple ridge, BC cyber bullying & general bullying is brutal and deadly here!

Trevor G.

Children, and adults, are not born bullies. It is the society we create that produces them. When our society teaches that competition brings out the best in people, it is our economic system that demands we compete with each other for food, clothing and shelter to the profit of the 1%. The basic instinct of our species is cooperation and that is stamped out of us by the rat race we have created, and the state encourages.


I knew a kid that got cyberbullying on the internet and never told her parents, so a few years past by, so i thought to i should go with my friends and see him, so When we reach his house his parents had told us.. He went and killed himself. This needs to stop Please stop Cyberbullying on the internet the bullies out there do not know how it feels to get bullied and the victems that are getting bullied tend to kill themself. And they don't want to live anymore so STOP THE CYBERBULLYING and be nice to everyone


Our phones and the Internet aren't the problem .The problem is that kids aren't being educated on the dangers and those who are aren't being educated in the right way , you can tell us as many stories about cyber bullying as you want but no one ever thinks it will be them that will become a victim . That's the actual barrier that needs to be broken .Once that happens maybe people will stop caring for devices and care more each other. The device will just be a tool to help us do so. "People were created to be loved, things were created to be used; the reason why the world is in chaos right now is because things are being loved, and people are being used."


Why do our teens have cell phones and tablets. I am sorry PARENTS need to keep an eye on their damn children and stop giving them the tools they are to young to


Can you please report apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Etc. I am in Grade 5, and 90% of my class has those type of apps, and they are in grade 5. Plaese do these stuff. Nick :)


I agree with Trevor G.'s comment. Bullying regardless of cyber or not, is a symptom of this "domination" structure society. Until we rid ourselves of it, there's no way to stop it. Though I do not condone this act myself, I just can't help but think that the child/adult posting humiliating pictures or comments has a need that have not yet been met. Rather than just raising awareness and increasing levels of punishment and labeling them as "cyber bullies" they are the ones that need help the most. The fact that the Canadian government labeled them as "cyber bullies" is ironic because those people will believe that they are the bullies themselves when convicted. In turn, they will behave as the bullies themselves. I'm shocked to see after studying sociology in university that the government of Canada continues to label people like that.


Has anybody had a close look at Facebook lately? Every day I see nasty comments from one adult toward another adult, yet all I see on this site is information and comments concerning children or adolescents cyber-bullying. What about things posted via various social media sites that have caused people to not get a job, lose a job, and even end up in a divorce. As a hockey coach, I have seen our entire coaching staff ripped apart by one disgruntled parent on our team, comments that could have serious implications on our professional careers. I honestly think we need to widen our scope on this subject, because let's face the facts here, the kids were not born bullies, they learned it somewhere.

thedirty needs to go!

yes in agreance with the is that site still up? and its not just kids doing this stuff its adults!


I find it odd that Jack, who had to passed on his gf's pictures to start with, never seems to be in the group of children. So, you trying to say that those that pass it on are the ones responsible? Jack has NO responsibility in this scenario? The vague message is better than nothing, but not including Jack on the group sends the wrong message to boys that it's alright to do this.B+ for effort, D for execution.

A concerned Parent

i think its a great idea you may teach your kids not to cyber bulley but how many of your children are wolves in sheep's clothing kids that say they never do it but do it behind the backs and say they want it to quit but are the ones that are doing it


Every year at our school we have a HUGE part of bullying


The word *hate* is not in my vocabulary. As much as I detest teasing, humiliation and yes "bullying, it's not exactly 'Beaking News'. People will do what they want regardless of warnings, threats or any other punitive measures. You can't change evil aspects of human nature. Noble try folks, but a waste of time and energy. Good luck and sincerly, I'm with you but unrealistic goals should be taken as such, unrealistic. M


Advertise this is maple ridge, BC cyber bullying & general bullying is brutal and deadly here!


i TOTALLY agree!! cyberbullying needs to be stopped; we need our schools across Canada to acknowledge this!!


Honestly bullying would can be minimized if parents are held accountable for their children's actions. If children and youth are caught bullying in any form charges should be laid against them which their families need to pay (obviously after certain amount of offensives). Parents are not involved enough in their kids life's and most of the time completely unaware of what they are doing. Unfortunately if there is money involved then and only then people will care, especially if it comes out of their pockets. Youth now at this time are changing and our laws need to grow with them as well. There are no consequences great enough to actually effect the average youth. Until laws are reviewed I think the best route would be the parents and their accountability. Teachers should be held accountable as well. Though I agree their classroom sizes are large and at times hard to handle it's difficult to believe that consistent harassment in their classrooms can go unnoticed for long periods of time. That is ridiculous and I would question how well they are actually doing their job. Obviously we need to invest in training to provide teachers with resources to appropriately handle these situations without accidently making it worse or escalating the situation. I think majority of people don't do anything in fear that they will somehow become responsible or they don't want to deal with it (get involved). It should just be apart of their role as an educator and honestly probably in their curriculum in post secondary while working working towards their teaching degree.


Would you let an 8-year old drive a car ? Social networking has no controls or rules. Until rules of engagement for this activity are put in place and enforced, the problem will continue. The best way to deal with this issue is to take the rights to access social networking away from the offenders - small penalties for first-time offenders, medium-sized penalties for second-time offenders, and long-term punishment for those who continue. I know this will raise the ire of people who feel they have a god-given right to unrestricted internet access, however, we have seen the results of this approach. Chaos & anarchy rule certain aspects of the internet. How would people feel if everyone carried handguns and walked around the streets shooting whoever they wanted without fear of penalty ? This is not the essence of our society.


The act that appears to be depicted in this public service message - teens sharing pictures of one of their friends - is not in itself a "hateful act". It may be insensitive, inappropriate, and even embarrassing (for the person in the picture), but it is being done in the spirit of fun (based on the looks on the faces of the teens receiving and passing along these pictures). So in this case, it appears to be a matter of privacy, perhaps a breaking of trust, and maybe inappropriate exposure of a minor. But it's not a "hate crime". It does not even appear to be a case of "cyberbullying". We need to deal with these situations at the appropriate level - e.g., counselling before arrests and laying of criminal charges. If our Government wishes to show on-line hate crimes or cyberbullying, they should create a better, on-topic broadcast message. These are important subjects. Let's get make sure the right messages are delivered.


The RCMP do nothing when it comes to cyber bullying. I was told by the RCMP, what do you want us to do. when I made a police report. They also said that most people think they are being bullied when it is only name calling. So be prepared to be very disappointed by the very people that should help you.


Your new commercial on television really bothers me. "What you do online may not just be wrong, it may be illegal". Is illegal worse than wrong? Why is our legal system so separate from right and wrong? Are there things that are not wrong but are illegal?


We have got to be kidding! Again from an individual who endured enough fist fights while in school as a kid to write a book. No matter how many laws and rules we come up with there will always be something else. It shapes us for who we are to stand up for ourselves or head to the school office when the beating is excessive. Yep....2 eyes closed, my nose broken and the whites of my eyes red for weeks! I never "ratted" on anyone and you learn how to get through your day! But again we caved to new entrants into the country and changing times and booted both Canadian morals and religion. We've nothing to complain about!


Why ? Is their an option in someone head and heart that says, "hey, let's start to hate everyone in sight that I dont like, and arrast them to death", it's a choice, a choice that should not been taken litely. But we judge so much...and now critique goes to another level...HATE ! Just be happy guys, have fun with the time you have and let the other guy sitting down alone next to you....alone and peaceful !


I was attacked on facebook and in school the bullied me to the point of death until I got help


people in the world pease stop hating online and stop makeing roomers it may or may not hert people thank you for reading my spetch.


some how "the dirty. com" needs to be taken down its the worst case of bullying ive ever seen!


WHY CANT CANADA HAVE "THE DIRTY" REMOVED FROM HERE? Just ban this website from Canada . Please . It has effected a lot of people


Stop trying to kill free speech


Sorry to say... This is dumb... You cannot stop hate online. It has gotten to the point when somebody says "Go kill yourself" I laugh, because it is a pretty mundane thing now. How do you plan on stopping people from having hate online? Everybody feels empowered through a screen. Your movement is pointless. Nothing will get better. I am sorry guys, but if you get hate online, removal is easy. Facebook, block the people. This is about ONLINE HATE, therefor, to get rid of online hate, get rid of the person online... As much as it would be great to remove internet hate, behind the screen is not the problem. I support anti-bullying, I do not' support this though.


I was wondering what consequences are taken into effect when a person is bullied on a website or forum and the mediator does nothing about it. If the posts and comments are not deleted, are there legal consequences for the site mediator and site owner? Please let me know if there any related laws etc. about this…


Someone really should shut down, its slanderous, promotes racism, hte, sexism, slu bashing & anonymous hate worldwide. That and the site features nude pictures of girls well under 18. Just because their nipples are covered by stars doesn't make it any less pornographic, nor legal. I thought slandering people all over the internet was illegal... This site for sure is a leading cause of suicide, and acts leading up to it. It's ruining everyone's lives, and its going to ruin their futures.


If you get cyberbullied turn off your computer and walk away bruhhhh

Kate K

It's amazing how far we have come with technology. Yet still, it's an advancement that can often jeopardize the safety, well-being and conservation of some individuals. The fact that something broadcasted over social media can impact an individual in such negative ways is intolerable. Send these young individuals a message; raise the awareness that cyber bullying is not only unacceptable but also a crime. Let's put an end to this.


If the government is serious about putting a stop to cyber bullying, why is that awful bully site still up nd running ' the dirty' ??? That is a disgusting site and full of hate and serious bullying

Samnit C.

Cyber bulling isn't just the problem it also hacking people are hacking other peoples private and a way to stop that is to but a bandage on your computer camera and for android devices and I phones and blackberry keep a password and the password should be longer than 4 number passwords

mary b.

I just think it is wonderful. What you are doing. Just so happy about this .....hope Is great !!


Are you aware that you stop hating online commercial, which featured PUC of jacks girlfriend was followed by a Victoria's secrets commercial with scantily clad women in lingerie? I thought it was was pretty hypocritical since that could have been the pic of jacks gf. You should look into placement of your ads and ensure it doesn't follow late night stuff. What if it follows call in late night ads? I think your ads would be better placed after school. Thx


I agree with cyber bullying. It's mean and hurts people. Kids and adults. But I have a question....why is that website called The Dirty..or The Dirty Army...or whatever it is called, even legal or why is it allowed. Why hasn't it been shut down. It is the meanest site out there.

Freedom of speech

Closing down a sight like the dirty would be a large step to showing that we as a country don't enjoy reading "hurtful" speeches. But closing a deal of making it illegal to write about others without your full name and address available is probably close enough. And for something that someone can control not hands over .... The ropes. Where one can issue individual complaints and the authorities have the power to step in is a respectful boundary. Reasons to believe one is or " better yet "anyone is to be living in constant fear is a pathetic way to live. And bully's who laugh at someone for how they look can be charged why the hell can't this man be made to shut down or be run out as some deadbeat lowlife. Making both males and females all ages feel less of a human being is somewhat assaulting even thought no one has ever kicked out squatters tell recently when they painted some lady's home black I believe that we need to every country needs and would I think also want to paint this clown out.

Brenda H.

Two of our girls are relentlessly bullied on a daily basis. The latest trend I the ASK site. These bullies can remain unknown and say its better that way so no one can see them coming. Please Canada, before anymore children take their life in an effort to find peace, stop this.

GetCyberSafe Team

Agreed. We all need to stand together to help put an end to bullying.


Where is the mall this commercial was filmed in? The scene where the boys where in the food court Anybody know

GetCyberSafe Team

The food court scene in our Stop Hating Online: "Pass It On" TV Ad was filmed at Woodbine Centre in Toronto.


Cyberbulling has been there almost ever since chatrooms were created. I glad our government is taking a stand. Thank you.


Its nice the government is recognizing this types of sites I agree it is hard to differ between free speak and bully but the internet is fast becoming a big source of public shaming look at fb these days and I think the is not free speech it is pure bullying and demeaning. sites like these do ruining peoples, relationships, make it hard to get jobs the govt needs to step in and have something done or ban theses sites to protect others.


If teachers banned cell phones in the classrooms (which they actually did) it wouldn't (and doesn't) stop teens from bringing their phones to school or to class. The key to ending Cyber-bullying is to make all schools have a 'no tolerance policy' and for communities to have a 'no tolerance' policy towards cyber-bullying and traditional bullying. Also it's not just up to the teachers in our schools to help prevent bullying (of any kind), but it's also up to parents and the community. People expect others to prevent bullying, but how can they do that when there are so many people getting bullied and so little people able (or willing) to help. Everyone wants bullying to stop but most people just sit there; all they do is complain. It's not hard to find the information you need to end cyber and traditional bullying, you can find all the information you need in book and on the internet. It's up to us a community to stop what's happening. You want the government to do something about it? Then band together and tell them you want it to end, because otherwise they won't do anything. You have to tell them exactly what you want to happen, and you have to help yourselves. You can't expect the government to do all the work, or teachers, or simply other people in general. The only way bullying will end is if everyone comes together and makes it clear that bullying is unacceptable and won't be tolerated.


There all these sites that tell you the signs of a cyberbully victim but there are no sites that I can find that tell you the signs of someone being a cyberbully...

GetCyberSafe Team

Hi Theresa. Please check out for signs that a child may be involved in cyberbullying. Thanks.

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