Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013

October 1, 2013

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. But why should you care about Cyber Security? Because the internet is a global community and comes with a lot of nasty bugs you can catch. And just like some of the nasty viruses of yesteryear that have been eradicated by a few, simple actions of the community, a few simple actions on your part can go a long way to eradicating the threat of cyber crime.

That's because of a concept known as “herd immunity” – the chance of disease outbreaks is reduced the more individuals in a community (“herd”) are protected (“immunized”) against the disease.

This powerful concept works well for cyber security. For herd immunity to be as effective as possible, as many people as possible must be protected. So as each individual takes the simple steps to cyber secure themselves, everyone's protection increases!

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Want to start protecting yourself now? You'll give yourself a huge online-booster shot; which protects you and those around you.

Each week of Cyber Security Awareness Month there is a special focus to help all of us get the most from our online resources:

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Robert T.   October 1, 2013

There never will be enough cyber security awareness. This type of information is critical for anyone that uses a computer.

Sebastian   October 21, 2013

Very well written! I feel more protected already.

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