Honey Stick Project

Infographic: Honey Stick Project

(This infographic features a series of illustrations that reveal the many ways in which people misplace or lose possession of their mobile phones, as well as text that reveals what people who found a series of deliberately lost mobile phones looked at.)

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H1: If you have a small business, and one of your employees loses their mobile phone, could your corporate information be at risk? You bet your sweet honey stick it could!

COPY: In the 2014 Symantec Canada Honey Stick Project, 60 unlocked smartphones loaded with simulated personal and corporate information were deliberately “lost” in six major cities across Canada, in places where people commonly misplace their phones. Symantec monitored the devices to see what information was accessed while the phones were lost.

So what did people who found the phones want to look at?

(We see an illustration of a mobile phone, with an image of a folder holding a document on the screen. Accompanying it is a fact.)

COPY: 63% of devices were accessed for corporate related apps and information.Footnote1

(We then see an illustration of a mobile phone which has been forgotten in the back seat of a taxi. Accompanying it is a fact.)

COPY: 42% of finders tried to get at the human resources salaries spreadsheet.Footnote1

(We then see an illustration of a restaurant dinner table which contains many empty dishes and one abandoned mobile phone. Accompanying it is a fact.)

COPY: 28% accessed corporate email.Footnote1

(We then see an illustration of a long city sidewalk, with a lost smartphone on it. Accompanying it is a fact.)

COPY: 32% had a look at human resources files.

(We then see an illustration of a long row of empty airport terminal seats, and can see that one passenger has left their mobile phone on a seat. Accompanying it is a fact.)

COPY: 20% got access to remote administrative apps.

We finally see the last illustration: a long, bony hand which daintily holds a smartphone that it has just stolen from someone. Accompanying are two facts.

COPY: 37% of Canadians use their mobile phones for both personal and work purposes.Footnote2

13% of mobile phones in Canada become lost or stolen.

(We then see a section of copy.)

H2:A business is only as secure as the mobile phones its employees use. Take these steps to ensure a lost phone won’t result in bigger costs to your small business:


  • Develop and enforce strong security policies for employees using mobile phones for work, including password-enabled screen locks, encryption technologies, and app downloads. Mobile security software can aid in this area.
  • Make sure employees know about risks associated with mobile devices, and have a plan in place in case one is lost or stolen.
  • Make an inventory of the mobile devices connecting to your company’s networks.
  • Make sure everyone uses the screen lock feature and uses a secure password.
  • Protect and back up your information, not just the devices that carry it.
  • Check out the GetCyberSafe Guide for Small and Medium Businesses at GetCyberSafe.ca > Resources > Publications for practical tips on how to better protect your business and employees from cyber crime.

For more information about the 2014 Symantec Canada Honey Stick Project, visit go.Symantec.com/HoneyStickCanada

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